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Workshop on Inclusive Education-Perspectives and Practices—- 27 June 2023

“Inclusive, good-quality education is the foundation for dynamic and equitable societies.”

Workshops are enriching sessions that enlighten an individual with multi-dimensional perspective on a given topic. 27 June 2023 turned out to be a highly fruitful day for the Facilitators of Maxfort School, Rohini as respected Principal ma’am, Dr. Ratna Chakravarty conducted a workshop for the teachers on the crucial topic, “Inclusive Education-Perspectives and Practices”. NEP 2020 has clearly defined Inclusive education under Part 1 (School Education), Section 6. It was a highly interactive and informative session. Inclusive education is teaching all children together without discrimination and any biases. It is a key strategy to promote EFA (Education For All). Revered ma’am clearly differentiated between inclusion  and exclusion,  integration and segregation and how we as educators should move from exclusion towards inclusion. The skilful speaker highlighted important objectives of inclusive education such as improve the quality of education, development of social consciousness and brotherhood, education for all, protection of rights, identification of skills and to prepare for challenges. Different kinds of disabilities in the students and how to identify them was well explained to the Facilitators. The session was highly engaging as Facilitators also participated in interesting activities. These activities  conveyed the meaning of inclusive education and the need to implement the same. The Facilitators were also motivated to clear all internal and external barriers for providing the right to education to all children. Promoting inclusive education will certainly lead to an equitable society. At the end, it was an enlightening time that encouraged all for building an inclusive society with the objective of education for all.







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