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About Us

At Maxfort Rohini We Believe That “One Who Dares To Teach Must Never Cease To Learn”.

The school provides a conducive learning atmosphere for all. This is a place where we learn from our seniors, from each other, and, most importantly, from our students. The focus is on experiential learning rather than rote memorization. Education here does not mean providing students with ready-made solutions but creating an environment where answers are elicited from the students themselves.

Our mission

Our mission is to empower the child in every aspect - mental, physical, emotional, and social - through a carefully designed curriculum.

Our vision

We seek to empower our students with a solid foundation of knowledge, technological proficiency, life-skills and help them to evolve into socially conscious and responsible individuals.

Academic Approach

The school believes in experiential learning wherein the students learn by their experiences free of burden and anxiety. We provide students an environment to develop their intellectual domain through the process of knowledge assimilation, comprehension and development of rational thinking. Emotional domain is developed through guiding attitudes, emotions, and feelings. While the physical domain is strengthened through the movement and coordination.