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Empowering Education with AI

As a part of our journey to be the frontrunner in adopting cutting-edge technology and enhancing the learning experience for our students, we have integrated the world’s most powerful AI Powered EdTech platform into our school's curriculum to enhance the learning experience for our students.

Using the Student App, students get access to

  • Major digital textbooks mapped to the school syllabus for Science, Mathematics and Social Science
  • All questions from popular books for online practice with hints and detailed solutions
  • Reference books where theory is replaced with 3D learning videos
  • Subject-related interesting videos on real-life examples, experiments and do it yourself
  • Personalised Al-Generated Study plans
  • Students can have personalised assignments from teachers
  • Analyse the test feedback and identify the weak topics and incorrect attempts
  • Ask academic doubts using AI based Doubt Resolution Bot anytime, anywhere

Using the School App, school teachers

  • Teach using 3D models, interactive quizzes, text book questions and 3D videos
  • Assign AI based personalised homework
  • Assign homework from the reference book and other popular books

Using the Parents App, Parents

  • Track child’s activities like videos watched, practice questions attempted and tests completed
  • Assign tests and personalised homework based on the child’s weaknesses