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Celebrating Diversity Through the Performing Arts

Every dance, melody, and story that exists in our school's cultural heritage represents the wide range of diversity found in our world. Our performers authentically portray the diverse array of global cultures, paying homage to the magnificence of customs and practices. Through the utilization of performing arts, we express reverence for the timeless stories, ceremonial customs, and simultaneous arrangements that have shaped various societies.

Brilliant Brushes - Art and Craft

Art comes to a child more naturally than ‘words’, which are an acquired skill. Children identify themselves physically as well as mentally with the object they draw or model. This is why art is so satisfying for children. School art & design is taught through a broad range of investigative, art-making and reflective activities like painting, printmaking, model making or digital art. It gives learners a platform to express themselves, sparking imagination, creativity and developing transferable skills. Students explore and push boundaries to become reflective, critical and decisive thinkers.

DRAMATICA - Theatre in Education

Theatre is indispensable to a child’s development. It opens up a world of imagination, creativity and exploration, and inculcates life-long creative habits among children. The school offers theatre classes to nourish children’s theatrical skills and boost confidence. It encourages children to understand human nature by exploring characters, voice, movement and improvisations. It is a powerful tool that helps children learn the intricacies of languages and sciences; builds physical agility and flexibility; creates teamwork and trust building; and helps children to grow as confident and self-assured individuals.

TuneIn Music primes the brain for learning by activating multiple systems in a single activity.

Scientific studies show a direct correlation between elementary music education and brain development. Apart from being a mood elevator, reading music notation develops thinking skills, language skills and self-esteem. School Music is designed to be flexible so learners can perform through singing and playing musical instruments. It introduces children to the many languages of music: beats, rhythm, pitch numbers, notes and dynamics. We recommend that learners experience music from own culture as well as explore music from other times and places. This makes them more confident and self-assured as music gives them the opportunity to perform at open recitals and gatherings, either as individuals or in groups.

Dance Hub at Maxfort

At Maxfort, our Dance Section is not just a space—it's a stage where passion meets precision, creativity dances with discipline, and every movement tells a unique story. Whether your child is a beginner or an experienced dancer, our Dance Hub is designed to inspire, elevate, and celebrate the art of dance.