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Workshop on Competency Based Lesson Plan and HPC (Holistic Progress Card) —— 1 July 2023

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow”

1 July 2023 was one more addition in the process of great learning for the Facilitators of Maxfort School, Rohini as respected Principal ma’am, Dr. Ratna Chakravarty conducted a workshop on Competency Based Education (CBE)and HPC (Holistic Progress Card).  NEP 2020 promotes these pivotal concepts  in Part 1 (School Education), Section 4. CBE and HPC are interconnected  as inculcating  various competencies will lead to all-round growth and development of the learners. Building competencies amongst students as well as Facilitators is the need of the hour. Sufficing to it, the Facilitators should prepare a Competency Based Lesson Plan for  teaching the students. It should focus on learning objectives, outcomes, activities,  SDGs achieved and skill set improved. Holistic Progress Card is the 360 degrees report of the learners with important attributes such as self assessment, peer assessment, teacher assessment and parent assessment. Honourable ma’am elaborated that HPC will help to map the status of each child’s learning for foundational literacy and numeracy skills. And it will focus on uniqueness of each learner. HPC is based on three development goals Health and Well being, Effective Communicators and Involved Learners. Prototype of HPC prepared by CBSE was thoroughly discussed with the Facilitators. As per the requirement, the Facilitators can make use of activities such as nature walk, lab activities, case studies, miming, art based activities, story telling and circle time for HPC.  The session was interactive and the view-points of the Facilitators were valued , queries were taken and solutions were provided by the commendable Resource Person. At the end, it was envisioned that following CBE and designing an HPC will lead to a non-judgmental approach with an optimistic outlook and the development of body, mind and soul of the learners.















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