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Capacity Building Programme-Learning Outcomes and Pedagogies

Capacity Building Programme-Learning Outcomes and Pedagogies

 Capacity Building Programme-Learning Outcomes and Pedagogies

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“Teaching is more than imparting knowledge; it is inspiring change. Learning is more than absorbing facts, it is acquiring understanding.”                                    – William Arthur Ward



On Thursday, 27 June, 2024, Maxfort School, Rohini hosted an enlightening Capacity Building Programme  (CBP)  conducted by CBSE on the topic ‘Learning Outcomes and Pedagogy’. The event featured distinguished Resource Persons- Dr C.B. Mishra, Director and Principal at Prudence School,  Ms Archana Narain, Principal at The Indian Heights School, Dwarka, Ms Alka Sahni, Principal at Maharaja Agrasen Public School and Ms Soma Singh, Ex Principal of DPSG International School, who brought valuable perspectives from their educational leadership roles. This session proved to be immensely successful, providing invaluable insights and tools aimed at enhancing the overall teaching-learning process.


Key Focus Areas:

  1. The Learning Cycle:

All the facilitators explored the phases of the learning cycle, providing a structured approach to designing engaging lesson plans and fostering student participation.

  1. Significance of Defined Learning Outcomes:

It is imperative to understand the importance of clearly articulated learning outcomes in guiding both teaching strategies and student assessment for effective learning.

  1. Understanding Bloom’s Taxonomy:

The facilitators delved into Bloom’s Taxonomy, which categorizes educational goals into cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains, facilitating comprehensive learning objectives.

  1. Aligning Assessments with Learning Goals:

Practical strategies were discussed to align assessment methods with predefined learning goals, enabling educators to gauge and support student progress effectively.

  1. Exploring Learning Domains:

The CBP highlighted three essential domains:

– Cognitive: Focused on nurturing knowledge acquisition, critical thinking, and understanding.

– Affective: Addressing the development of emotional intelligence, values, and attitudes.

– Psychomotor: Emphasizing the enhancement of physical skills and coordination.


Supplementary Activities:

The facilitators were engaged in interactive activities such as group readings and discussions to deepen their understanding of the CBP topic. Follow-up materials were provided to encourage ongoing reflection and application of newfound insights. In between fun activities and a concluding meditation session promoted relaxation and well-being, fostering a holistic approach to professional development.



The Capacity Building Programme on enhancing teaching through learning outcomes and pedagogies provided the facilitators with valuable tools and insights to refine their instructional practices. By prioritizing clear learning objectives, diverse learning domains, and effective assessment strategies, the CBP aimed to elevate teaching effectiveness and ultimately enhance student-learning outcomes.

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