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 Day / Date: Saturday / 22 July 2023

Time: 8:30 am- 4: 30 am


“Life skills are a range of psycho-social and cognitive abilities that empower individuals to make informed decisions and choices, manage the emotional well-being and communicate effectively.”


Life skills are the most important skills to live a peaceful and sound life. It is the need of the hour to learn certain skills to live life in its truest sense. Maxfort School Rohini has experienced one of the best learning opportunities on Saturday, 22 July 2023 as CBSE organised a workshop on Life skills for the teachers. The workshop was entitled “Life Skills -Basic and Advanced”.


The highly knowledgeable day commenced with prayer to the Almighty and presentation of mementoes to the Resource Persons by honourable Principal ma’am, Dr. Ratna Chakravarty.  The workshop was organised in two sessions Basic and Advanced. The basic session was organised for the primary and middle wing facilitators. The advanced session was organised for the senior wing facilitators. The Resource Persons for the advanced session  were two eminent names from the field of education. The first Resource Person was Mr. R.K. Srivastav, Director Academics – Nav Jiwan Public School, Faridabad, (Haryana). The other Resource Person was Ms. Akansha Arora, an educator Innovation Lead in Microsoft, a teacher, Academic Head, Curriculum Manager and Principal.

The Resource Persons for the basic session were Mrs Vijay Lakshmi Singh, Director at Indus World Schools, CBSE Trainer and additional Director at  Salwan Education Trust and Dr. Minakshi Gupta, Principal at S. D. Public School, distinguished and innovative school leader with 30 years of experience.


Interactive activities were organised that highlighted the importance and necessity of life skills amongst all. Life skills can be measured in three different manners. Measuring on each activity, short term measurement and long-term measurement. Life skills should be assessed by observation, self-rating by students and peer learning.

In conclusion, it was a transformative experience for all participants. The knowledge gained from this workshop will undoubtedly enrich the teaching methodologies and contribute to the holistic development of students at our school. The efforts to empower teachers with essential life skills will undoubtedly yield positive outcomes, creating a more compassionate, resilient, and harmonious learning environment.









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