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Celebrated Christmas Festival

Christmas is here again! Christmas or the birth of Christ is celebrated throughout the world with enthusiasm and bustle. The Christmas Special Assembly was celebrated for the students of Grade I to IX at Maxfort School, Rohini with elevated spirits, packed with festivities. The young Maxfortians of Grade II and VII presented a scintillating assembly based on the birth of Jesus Christ on 24 December, 2019. The students enthusiastically participated and enacted the roles of Mother Mary, Father Joseph, the angels, shepherds, the wise men etc.

A short brief about the significance of Christmas was narrated by the students. Christmas is a celebration of spirituality, family bonding, and joy of giving.  It is a festival that unites diverse people in the world. There was a short and entertaining skit about the story behind Christmas. The students enacted out their parts with motivation. There was a refreshing festive dance too. Students passionately sang Christmas carols which were flourishing loud. The special assembly ended with a message from Santa Claus to the students to spread the essence of Christmas with love and the joy of giving. It was a great success with an encouraging guidance from respected Principal ma’am, Dr. Ratna Chakravarty.

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