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Activity On Christmas By Grade-PS- II Students

Don’t measure the height of your Christmas tree. Measure the abundance of love     present in your heart!  Have a blessed Christmas!


Christmas is around the corner and nothing gets more excited than decorating a Christmas tree. Bringing celebrations into the classroom makes learning memorable.  To make Christmas as magical as possible for our little ones, different Christmas activities like Christmas tree decoration, mask making, card making and Christmas tree making were planned for the students of Grade PS – II on 19 and 24 December 2019. Students were given different cut outs of Christmas tree and cards and were probed to decorate or create them in their own innovative manner. Decorating a Christmas tree, drafting cards and creating masks help young children to create part of the magic and develop fine-motor skills. The activities created lasting memories with the students by ornamenting such adorable Christmas trees, masks and cards.

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