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Workshop – Anger Free Zone

“Anger and intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding.”

                                                                                                                                                      – Mahatma Gandhi

Education at Maxfort is fostered via interactive and collaborative learning pedagogies that enable our students and facilitators to learn in a conducive ambience while recalling and recognising specific facts and concepts, which leads to the development of their intellectual abilities to the fullest. CBSE has introduced various programmes for the betterment of the students like Happiness Classes, Joyful Learning, No Smoking Zone, Khelo India, Fit India Movement and recently Anger Free Zone. Anger ventilated often hurries toward forgiveness; and concealed often hardens into revenge. Anger means emotions. An innovative workshop was conducted by respected Principal ma’am on Anger Free Zone on 7 January 2020 to work in a positive and conducive environment. Ma’am has ignited all the facilitators with this idea and motivated to live a life with healthy body, mind and soul with a Powerpoint Presentation . Holistic development is the main aim of the institution and to achieve this we need positive environment where we work together to help each other.

Respected ma’am has enlighten us with her valuable thoughts and defined that our angry mood reflects on our students. If there is no negativity then the child would willingly come to school. The research is going on to find out the reasons of absenteeism. Ma’am took the review of the facilitators and Mr. Brij gave his perspective. He said that bullying by the classmates increased anger and with the help of activities this problem can be solved. Ms. Deepshikha Maan and Ms. Pratibha Ahlawat explained the role of a class teacher who can convince the students to be regular and make them understand the importance of school and studies. There should be a proper bonding between a teacher and a student. Illness and inappropriate sleeping habits are the main reasons of absenteeism in Primary classes. Honourable Principal ma’am concluded this point with this view that there should be a bonding between student and teacher. Second, the teacher should be a subject expert so that the child will feel that he/she has missed the valuable class if not attended.

Teacher can do wonders. It is required to help and council the child. No anger zone doesn’t mean that the teacher will not be firm. Another important point  highlighted by ma’am was the Lifestyle of the student which should be changed. A child should sleep on time and eat healthy food. It was observed that the students have fear of examination. They create panic and find it difficult to complete the paper in the stipulated time. It was suggested to the invigilators by respected ma’am to be calm and composed and give instructions politely but that doesn’t mean that you would allow them to cheat.

Respected ma’am has given the examples of some programmes. CBSE has implemented HPE for the fitness of students. honourable PM Shri Narendra Modi ji has introduced Fit India Movement to make body and mind fit. To live in Anger Free Zone it is required to work in a creative manner. We should give options to the learners so that they can analyze right and wrong. Define the consequences also so that they can lead towards the righteous way. We should work together and give support and guidance to our children. We should be ready from our heart to solve this problem.  We should communicate with the learners and do not yell over them.

Respected ma’am has taken review from all the facilitators regarding the solutions of making our pious institution an Anger Free Zone. Several valuable points are given by the teachers:

  • Healthy body mind and soul
  • Be happy
  • Try to reflect or introspect for 10 minutes
  • Time management
  • Be responsible
  • Meditation, yoga, music and breathing exercises.
  • Awaken citizen programme
  • Speak politely
  • Know your child


An interesting and motivating activity was given by honourable Principal ma’am in which all the facilitators were divided in groups as per their departments. They have to draw their practical solutions to eradicate this problem and a group incharge will elaborate all the points. All the facilitators participated whole heartedly and gave their valuable opinions.

Last but not the least, respected Principal ma’am concluded the session with the thought that collective work always leads to fruitful result. Combined efforts empowers us to move towards a positive and conducive environment for the all round development of the young learners. All the group leaders gave their feedback regarding successful accomplishment of the

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