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The festival of Christmas coveys the message of love, tolerance and brotherhood and is celebrated on 25th December every year. Following the merry-making of Christmas, a special magic in the air was spread at Maxfort School, Rohini to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. With the perspective of inculcating the real meaning of Christmas in the lives of the students, a plethora of activities and assemblies were organised spreading joy and enlightenment for the Maxfortians.

‘Christmas special Assemblies’ were conducted by the tiny tots of Preschool and the Maxfortians of Grade II, VI and XI on Thursday, 23 December 2021 and Friday, 24 December 2021. The students showcased outstanding performances in skits emphasizing on the joy of giving, dance presentation on carols, poetry recitation, speech and singing of Christmas hymns. Respected Principal Ma’am, Dr. Ratna Chakravarty, appreciated the efforts of the students, applauded them for their stupendous level of confidence and discussed about the importance of celebrating Christmas. Honourable ma’am emphasized on displaying the virtue of gratitude in life. She also elaborated on the importance of humility to lead a righteous life. We should be grateful to God, our parents, our school and our teachers as all are essential in the making of true humans.

Highlighting the vibrant activities, the students of Pre-Primary and Grade 1 were dressed up as cute santas and used various food items to prepare beautiful Christmas cakes with full zeal and enthusiasm. The objective of the activity was to improve their culinary skills and strengthen their creative skills. The jingling of bells and the impeccably adorable decorations at every corner indicates the onset of Christmas Eve. So to celebrate the most awaited time of the year, a creative ‘Twirly Christmas Craft’ activity was conducted for the students of Grade II and children made their own creative Santa Caps which enhanced their focus, concentration, creative and fine motor skills. One of the best ways of helping the children is to develop some much-needed technical skills with the activity ‘E-invitation’ conducted for the students of Grade III to get acquainted with the learning features of Canva App. An activity ‘Healthy ho-ho- Holiday Time Snack’ was scheduled for the students of Grades IV and V. The purpose of this activity was to enhance thinking and creative skills of the students, to integrate fun with healthy treat and keeping up with the spirit of Christmas holiday.

The glorious occasion concluded with the melodious carols and everyone felt the love for Jesus Christ and Santa Claus.




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