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Virtual Assembly Presented By Class X Celebrating 74th Independence Day

Freedom in the mind

Faith in the words

Pride in our souls

Let’s salute the nation on Independence Day.

 Happy Independence Day


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We, the proud Indians will be celebrating the 74th Independence Day this year. Maxfort School, Rohini celebrated this national festival on Friday, 14 August 2020 with great patriotic fervour and zeal. The school has set up another bench mark in this time of trials and turbulence of COVID-19 pandemic by cherishing this moment of national glory and grandeur through a virtual assembly presented by Class X. The glorious day started with flag hoisting by respected Principal ma’am Dr. Ratna Chakravarty in the school premises and Maxfortians and facilitators became a part of this joyful time digitally. The students presented their enthusiasm by participating in the self -managed event which was an evidence of progression towards digital culture of the society. Thoughtful and motivational speech by honourable Principal ma’am reawakened the souls  to adhere to the ideals of national freedom struggle and combat the present situation with a never give up attitude. The students highlighted the significance of this mighty day through speech, self-composed poems and quotes of strength and courage. The presentations reflected the whole hearted involvement of the students in the event. The use of animations and other digital tools clearly depicted the emerging talents of our students who are making themselves ready for the changing paradigms in the field of education and their efforts were successful in bridging the gap between  the offline and the virtual education and that too on the occasion of our liberation from the British rule after so many years of diligent fight of our freedom fighters. Eventually, the students put forward the idea that they will not succumb to the difficult times but instead they will be fighters and rise victoriously above the ocean of hardships and challenges.













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