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Sack Race Activity Performed By Grade-II

Sack Race Activity Performed By Grade-II


Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game. Michael Jordan

A fun and competitive game ‘Sack Race’ was conducted for grade II students. The objective of the activity was to encourage the amazing development skills which were disguised in the fun game. Children were divided into teams and then were asked to place both their legs inside a sack and hop forward from a starting point towards a finish line. The first person to cross the finish line was the winner of the race. It encouraged physical abilities like balance, agility, and coordination among children.

It stimulated their creativity and imagination since exploring a new and different environment is great for their ingenuity and curiosity. It helped them to gain more confidence and learn to get along with others and share. It improved their self-sufficiency since they learned how to deal with difficulties by using their imagination and willpower. Students participated in heartily and enjoyed the activity.   –


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# Sack Race Activity Performed By Grade-II

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