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“Fitness is a journey, not a destination; you must continue for the rest of your life.”

— Kenneth H. Cooper


Physical activity is good for everyone’s health. Regular Physical Activity can help adolescent and children improve cardio- respiratory fitness, build strong bones and muscles, control weight , reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, and reduce the risk of developing various other  health conditions.

Good health is the state of complete physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing without any suffering.

With reference to the  CBSE circular dated Nov 06, 2019 ( Circular No. ACAD-68/2019)  Maxfort School, Rohini followed the CBSE guidelines to celebrate the “ FITNESS WEEK ‘’  and supported the cause.

Taking the lead forward, an enlightening and energetic Morning Assembly was conducted for classes VI-VIII. The Assembly included various aspects that promote Physical Fitness. Being healthy and fit require some tips to be followed daily with full dedication hence a ‘Health Tip’ was provided to the students along with a brief discussion on the benefits of regular exercises.

A Yoga Session was also conducted for the Young Maxfortians to balance the mental and physical health in order to enjoy the life and nature’s beauty. The students performed Surya Namaskar which results in neuro muscular development and helps in reducing fatigue. It  is also known to have an immense positive impact on the body and mind.

 Aerobics and Zumba session was also conducted for the young Maxfortians  to improve  alertness and concentration, and enhance overall cognitive function.

A brief introduction of the Khelo India mobile application was given to the students, which was launched by  Sh. Narendra Modi, India’s Prime Minister, at Indira Gandhi Stadium on National Sports Day . The application is created to help increase awareness among Indians about fitness and sports and to help identify talent, as part of the Khelo India scheme.

Poster Making Activity for class IX students was also conducted to promote the benefits of a Fit Body and Fit Mind as it is only our good health which remains with us in our bad times and helps us to face all the challenges of life. Health is the most valuable and precious thing for every individual.

The scheduled Week helped the Maxfortians to ascertain the value of daily physical exercises which  repairs the damaged muscle, strengthens the muscle and bones and gives power to the body.

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