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“Dant, Disha and Dasha”


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“A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart.”

Maxfort School Rohini always values the incredible efforts of the teachers, the makers of the human society. On Saturday, 30 January 2021, the school organized a rejuvenating session for the teaching faculty. The Resource Person was the motivational speaker, Mr. Mayank Solanki, the Founder Chairperson at Val-Ed Initiatives, Bangalore, a mentor & advisor to other young leaders from various start-ups, organisations & NGOs.

The topic of the webinar was Dant, Disha and Dasha. It was a happy time for the teachers to celebrate their determination and dedication as a teacher. In the beginning, Mr. Mayank, showed gratitude to the teachers as a student for giving in their best efforts for shaping the life of the students. The idea brought ahead was that teachers are the “go-givers”, giving all they have for the benefit of the students. The engaging session taught the true meaning of dant i.e. punishment to the teachers. The narrative of Ramayana with the specific episode of egoistic anger of Parshurama at the time of Sita Swayamvar was used by Mr. Mayank to elaborate that punishment can never stop wrong doings. A self-realisation is required in the students. Even at times, when students commit the worst of the mistakes, rather than chiding them, they should be given a chance to introspect and improve. The teachers also learnt their definition of GPS, i.e. Guru Positioning System wherein the teacher never leaves the student. There is a constant need to show the right path to students , so that they attain their fullest potential. Mr. Mayank also told a lot of stories to the teachers and interacted with them to improve the disha and dasha or the direction and condition of the students and the teachers.

At the end, one more time the inspiring speaker showed his gratitude to the teachers for standing as the pillars of strength for their students. Certainly, it turned out to be a highly motivating session for all the teachers who participated in the webinar motivating them to infuse themselves with energy and enthusiasm to enrich their students.


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