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Christmas Carnival celebration by Grades IX and XI students

Christmas waves a magic wand over the world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.

On Tuesday, December 20, 2022, Maxfort School Rohini celebrated the grandeur of Christmas on the school grounds, with the jingle of bells and the hum of carols in the wind adding to the holiday spirit.

For education to be holistic and to instil the spirit of experiential learning among children, various inter-house activities were conducted for Grades IX and XI students. The learning comes not just from reading complex theories in voluminous books. It also comes from the ability to take initiative. Under the direction of our principal, an inter-house competition (for grades IX and XI) was held at Maxfort School.

The activities of the inter-house competition were designed keeping in mind the significance of each subject, so they were integrated with the other subjects and instrumental in bringing out the best in the students’ potential. In Grade IX, English was integrated with music, and the activity was Rhapsody, an expression of the self on “Joy Forever.” Hindi was integrated with social science, wherein the students displayed their creative selves through an advertisement. Mathematics and the arts were integrated, and the students participated in an activity called Brainy Bunch. Science Buddies was conducted through the integration of science and computers. Last but not least, Jeuderol activity was conducted in French.

In the 11th grade, science and technology were combined, and the Science Symposium was a way for students to show off their skills. In the Commerce stream, Economics was integrated with Accountancy, Business Studies was integrated with the Arts, and Entrepreneurship was integrated with Information Practices, and the students showcased their potential through the vital activities of Business Conclave, Business Life on Canvas, and Eprentech. The Sermons of Jesus Christ Debate was a way for the students in the Humanities stream to show off their skills. It combined psychology and English and showed how important charity, empathy, and kindness are.

To continue the ride of joyful learning, a fete was organised for the students of Grade XI. Fun-filled games like Blow the Glass, Danger is Everywhere, Apna Time Aaega, Lucky 7, Pick the Beans, Knock Down, Basketball Pong, Ringa Ringa Roses, Pin the Nose, and Cookie Santa gave new heights to the splendid celebrations. All the games were enjoyed to the fullest by the students.

Lastly, the wide range of activities gave the young Maxfortians a unique and hands-on experience that helped them grow and develop as a whole.



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