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Activity – ‘Unity in Diversity ’

“So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole Earth.”

—-Baha U’Llah

‘Unity in Diversity’ is a phrase implying unity among people with diverse cultural, religious and other demographic differences. People of varying cultures, religious beliefs and social status, living together in peace and harmony is a perfect example of ‘Unity in Diversity’. An activity ‘Unity in Diversity’ was conducted from Monday -Friday (19.08.19 – 23.08.19) for the students of Grade IV wherein the students enacted on the theme ‘Patriotism’.

The students were divided into groups of eight and every group presented a fabulous skit on the topic ‘Unity in diversity’.  This helped them to value the freedom of the country and the amount of sacrifice it took to live in the free nation today.

The assessment was based on the parameters –

  • Use of words in order
  • Works effectively in a group
  • Is able to express the ideas comfortably

Shows a high degree of awareness about the topic

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