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Special Assembly on Peace and Non-Violence

“My Religion is based on Truth and Non-Violence. Truth is my God.

Non-Violence is the means of achieving him.”

                                                                                                                                                             Mahatma Gandhi


Under the able guidance of our Respected Principal Ma’am, Students of Grade VIII

Conducted a Special Assembly on Peace and Non-Violence on Monday 27, January, 2020.

The assembly was held to put an impression upon the students that non-violence is the only way to bring peace to the troubled world. It is only the patience that works in the end.


The Assembly commenced with a wonderful quote on Peace and Non- Violence. The students delivered thought of the day on the theme of the assembly. The choir group sang an inspirational song. The talented Maxfortians presented a captivating skit that showed the advantages of adopting the path of Non-Violence. The importance of Yoga and meditation was also highlighted.

The young students presented a motivational assembly informing all about the inevitable consequences of adopting peace.


Eventually the assembly was concluded with a wonderful message that love begets love.

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