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“Preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we’ve ever known.”    -Carl Sagan

 22 April 2022 marks the 52nd Earth Day. It is also a pivotal day to take initiatives for conserving our beautiful and life-sustaining planet. The blue planet Earth is the epicentre of our existence. It is the foundational duty of each of its inhabitants to protect it in all possible manners.


Maxfort School Rohini celebrated Earth Day with full vigour and zeal. The objective was to sensitise the students to explore the Mother Planet with a determination to preserve it. Various age-appropriate activities were organised to fulfil the grit to save our planet.


The little learners of Grade I took part in “Connect with Nature” activity wherein the students created an Earth Day craft which helped them to identify ways to save our planet. “Recycle the Scrap” activity was conducted for the students of Grade II and they created some beautiful pen stands and photo frames using old and reusable materials. Grade III students participated in “Jigsaw Puzzle” activity during their Mathematics period. The students were really excited to arrange the cut outs of a poster of “Save Earth”. They were expected to solve problems on each cut out, colour and arrange them to form the “Green Earth”. Another amazing activity was organised for the students of Grade IV. In order to spread awareness amongst the children to preserve the environment, “Hanging Garden” activity was planned for the students. The students of Grade V enhanced their oratory skills through the activity “Little Literati”.  The kids showcased their talent very well and put forth some easy yet important ways on how each one of us can contribute towards saving our Mother Earth.


Grade VI students participated in “Eco Club Activity” wherein the students expressed their creative self by preparing a Book Mark on the theme. They also prepared “DIY Seed Bomb” to germinate the seeds and grow plants. They also performed “E-Cartoon Activity” based on the theme “Save Tigers”. “Slogan Writing Activity” with the use of reused papers was conducted for the students of Grade VII.  Grade VIII took the lead forward through “Green Plantation Drive” in which the students prepared pots with plastic waste and decorated them artistically. After that they planted saplings in them.


“Class Assembly on Earth Day by Grade XII D” was organised to celebrate the uniqueness of our planet. “Models based on Recycling Activity” was conducted in Grade IX to inculcate values amongst students to recycle biodegradable material. The students of Grade X participated in “Sapling Plantation Activity” to spread the message of afforestation. Literary activities like “Self- Composed Poetry in English” and “Aashubhasan  in Hindi” for Grades IX-X were also organised with a resolution to appreciate the planet Earth.


All these activities acted as a great source of inspiration and awareness towards the environment, thereby developing the creative skills of the students. The multifarious activities rekindled the thought process of the young learners. Eventually it turned out to be a successful venture providing everyone with a sense of responsibility towards our planet Earth. The day-long celebration proved fruitful in introducing and orienting the young minds to develop a continuing compassion for Mother Earth and thus making a difference.






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