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Visit to the National Museum by grades VI to VIII

At Maxfort School, Rohini, educational trips are part of the curriculum and provide students with the joy of discovery and the opportunity to learn new things through real-world exposure. Considering this, an educational visit to “The National Museum” was organised for the students of Grades VI- VIII in the month of February 2023.

The main objective of this visit is to disseminate knowledge about the significance of the objects in respect of history, culture, and artistic excellence and achievements.

The students could connect well to their historical and glorious past. They enjoyed looking at various artefacts from the Harappan civilization and a collection of antiquities from the Harappan civilization—over 3500 objects. They expressed their views regarding the enriching learning experience, saying,

It was an amazing, informative, and great educational experience.

The creativity of ancient people was greatly highlighted, even though they had tools that they invented themselves.

The sculptures could be identified by their basic origins without the aid of textbooks.

The visit is well connected with the theory or the textbook content.

The worksheet was helpful in noting down all the necessary points.

The accompanying guide was a great resource. He explained each and every topic in detail.

It benefited the students in the development of critical thinking, empathy, observation, and analysis.



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