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Best School in Rohini

Welcome to Maxfort School, Rohini, Best School in Rohini, North Delhi

‘A School par excellence’
At Maxfort Rohini we believe that “One who dares to teach must never cease to learn”. Therefore the School provides a condusive, learning atmosphere for one and all making it the best school in North Delhi
This is a place where we learn from our seniors, we learn from each other and yes, most importantly, we learn from our students. The focus is on experiential learning, rather than rote memorising.
Education here does not mean providing students with ready-made solutions but creating an environment where answers are elicited form students themselves.

We evolve as who we are,  based on our Education, therefore emphasis is on holistic Education, where everything evolves around the student.
Maxfort ensures that the proud Maxfortians grow up with acute consciousness of their surrounding, that they learn to value sustained commitments.

Every Maxfort Facilitator is a friend, Philosopher and a guide, living in a world of robust connectivity, we provide through our state of art IT Labs the latest knowledge explosion which is unparalleled.
Maxfort Rohini is affiliated to CBSE Board and provides all three streams at +2 Level (Science/Commerce/Humanities). Maxfort builds future leaders with a global vision who are well rooted to be routed in life. Citizens who are morally upright, empathetic and grounded.
From the Portals of Maxfort Rohini, we will strive to carve out individuals, who besides acquiring academic excellence will know how to balance life.


Core Philosophy

Maxfort Schools chartered in the year 2005 remains committed to the cause of education. Besides academics par excellence it also focuses on strong value systems which enable the students to be well rooted in order to be routed well in life later.

Maxfort school management proudly stands committed to uphold the self esteem of every Maxfortian and therefore truly lives up to its school motto of “Empowering Life.” The school which is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, and recognized by the department of Education is rightly considered as one of the best progressive schools.

The school boasts about a strong organizational work culture where the focus is on ‘We’ and not ‘I’. the students remain ‘Our children’ and not ‘your child’. Parents at Maxfort are co-partners in the true sense and real facilitators in achieving common objectives. The core philosophy at Maxfort is that whatever our children become in life… they should first become good human beings. Therefore, our focus is on inculcating qualities of integrity, honesty, self-control, and tolerance.

Maxfort School Rohini team of professionals are focused, determined and go-getters.



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